Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"I don't think she wants mandarin"

Today I have a psychiatrist appointment so I thought I'd pretty myself up a little bit. I got up early and spent 30 minutes doing my hair. I flipped the bottoms out and I curled the upper parts in to give it more body (thanks for the tip Joanne!). After I had it looking pretty decent I decided to go all out today. Sure I only own guy's clothes, but underneath I wore a bra and those inserts to give me some sort of shape up there. Then I pulled out the lip gloss, mascara and eye shadow. When I was all done I think I looked pretty feminine and as my final act of bravery for the morning I got in my car and came to work. Then today for lunch I stopped at Wendy's Drive-Thru for a Mediterranean Chicken salad and when I got up to the window one girl bagged the salad and the other girl looked inside and said "I don't think she wants mandarin." and she replaced the mandarin chicken salad with the mediterranean chicken salad.

Did you catch that? "she"

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